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Air Conditioning
Highly-recommended car air conditioning servicing and repair

Keeping your air conditioning functioning properly is important not only for your comfort on the road, but also to help you keep down fuel and repair costs.


It's normal for your air conditioning system to lose pressure over time, but did you know that a 50% reduction in pressure will raise your fuel consumption by 5%? It may not sound like much, but at today's prices, it soon adds up!

Air conditioning

How do I know if my air con needs servicing?
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Manufacturer's recommendations usually state that an air conditioning unit should be fully serviced every 2 years. This usually involves:

> Topping up the system's oil reservoir
> Repairing leaks if found
> Removing odours if required
> Recharging with gas for maximum efficiency
> Adding a special dye to the system to test for leaks

Aside from keeping up to date with your recommended servicing routine, you may not need to have your air-con serviced at any other time. But if you notice a reduction in performance or output, or the appearance of an undesirable odour, it's probably time to book your car in.

Are there any makes or models you won't repair?
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No. Every one of our highly-skilled mechanics will have received the right training to tackle any make or model of car. From a Mercedes to a Mini, and everything in between.

Fully serviced after 2 years
50% reduction in pressure will raise your fuel consumption by 5%
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